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IRA Betrayal

On December 20th the SECURE Act – Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement, was signed into law. There went yours and my daughter’s Stretch IRA: If you recollect, under the old rules, a beneficiary, an heir, could stretch the required distributions over their lifetime. This had the effect of allowing funds to build over… Read More

The Best Decade

You may remember, our Net Worth in the third quarter of 2009 was negative. Yep, America was upside down. Not now. We are setting Wealth records every day: How’s net worth of $113 trillion sound? Unimaginable – how many zeros is that? That’s not all.  The United Nations in their Human Development Report which, is… Read More

Winners and Losers

Must be nice being Wilbur Ross – as Secretary of Commerce he’s cheering the American worker on. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today (Friday Dec 6th) an increase of 266,000 new jobs in November much better than the 187,00 expected new jobs. Unemployment ticked down to 3.5% from 3.6% equaling the lowest jobless rate… Read More

Getting In-Hock for Going to College, Is It Worth It?

It depends on the degree and the career you choose; we kind of already new this didn’t we? What we didn’t have wide access to, however, was the divergence in the actual costs versus the monetary benefits of the type of degree nor the difference the institution has on outcomes. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m sure you’ve heard of it: “Sell and go away in May”. We get asked about it every year. Traditionally the period beginning May 1st through October 31st is weak for the Dow industrials. Peek at the figure 1. Astonishing isn’t it? $10,000 every November 1st and sold every April 30th grew to $1,135,173, WOW!… Read More

The Middle Class is Shrinking – Anybody Left?

Coining a phrase is always fun, isn’t? It depends on author and the conveyance of emotion, urgency, or bias. Take the following: “Seven reasons to worry about the American middle class”* “The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground – No longer the majority and falling behind financially.”** Depending on which article you read we are… Read More

Recession, Recession….RECESSION!

From all the recent headlines you’d think we would have tripped into the abyss. By any reasonable measure, check out any Federal Reserve Bank, or The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Institute for Supply Management (ISM), The Conference Board – you get the gist; Recession is nowhere in view. Except, maybe, in the minds of… Read More

A Way to Avoid Ordinary Income Taxes

As some of you may know, the IRS requires Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA and other qualified retirement plan investors to take a minimum distribution from those investment vehicles starting in the year the investor turns 70 ½ years old. The calculation of the minimum distribution is calculated every year by the IRS based… Read More

Any Day Now You’re Gonna Lose Your Shirt

The Wall Street Journal is my favorite read. And, yes, once in a while they disappoint. The gist of the article is that market cycles do not last forever and that no one really knows when the tide is going to ebb: All of this is true enough, but the implication that the author is… Read More

Until Death Do Us Part.2 – Whispers

You’ve remarried. Both you and your spouse have children from a previous marriage, everyone is getting along famously, and your conscience whispers in your ear – “don’t we need to re-do our wills?” And then some; don’t forget the Powers of Attorney and Living Wills. Your conscience is a little active today, and again whispers… Read More

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